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Olga Alexopoulou

Greek , 1980

Olga Alexopoulou was born in Athens. She graduated from the Ruskin School of Art of Oxford University. Her works have been exhibited in museums like Nigbo in China, the Ethnological Museum of Thrace, the Museum of Spyros Vasiliou in Athens, but also in galleries around the world. Alexopoulou was named “Artist in Spotlight” for 2014 at the International Exhibition Tio Ilar 7 in Athens and was chosen to represent Greece in the global graffiti event “She's a Leader'” by Women's Forum. She has completed one of the largest graffiti in Greece for the European Maritime Day 2015 and has participated in the Street Art Österlen festival in Sweden.

Alexopoulou approaches the traditional Quinqua technique of China in her own way. Her representations of tempestuous seas, sheer cliff faces and wild mountain landscapes in cobalt blue remind us of the beauty and the grandeur of nature.