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1821 and the art of its period

From : 19/03/1988 To : 19/04/1988

Kourd Gallery presents a selection of 100 works that share one common feature: their subjects are relevant to the glorious revolution of the Greeks. Historical times revive through the eyes of foreign travelers and great Greek painters. From the drawings of W.-J. Muller (1812-1845) and Nikiforos Lytras (1832-1904) to the etchings of J. Dupré (1811-1899) and the oil paintings of Theodore Ralli (1852-1909) and P.v. Hess (1792-1871), the artists represent with sensitivity and romanticism both the tough reality and the dreams of the conquered and later of the liberated Greece.

Exhibition Location

Skoufa 37, Athina 106 73