Past Exhibitions

Violin night, Pantelis Stamatelos

From: 08/05/2018To: 08/05/2018

Salon @ Kourd

From: 01/03/2018To: 18/05/2018

Kourd Gallery presents the exhibition of classic and contemporary painters of the gallery.

Still Time

Maria Filippakopoulou

From: 17/03/2016To: 04/06/2016

Between Sound and Silence ΙΙΙ

David Benforado

From: 03/12/2015To: 25/01/2016

Between Sound and Silence ΙΙ

David Benforado

From: 21/10/2015To: 11/01/2016


Alkis Pierrakos

From: 17/02/2015To: 21/03/2015

Interfamilial battle

Manolis Petalas, Vassilis Papageorgiou

From: 11/11/2014To: 05/12/2014


Thomas Tournavitis

From: 16/10/2014To: 06/11/2014

Axis Mundi

Evita Kanellou, Pagratis Pagratidis, Joanna Kanellou

From: 20/09/2014To: 28/09/2014

Minas Retrospective

Minas Semertzian

From: 12/06/2014To: 27/07/2014

Walking Attire

Group Show

From: 24/04/2014To: 03/05/2014

Paintings 2012/2013

Minas Semertzian

From: 23/05/2013To: 13/06/2013