Past Exhibitions

Minas Retrospective

Minas Semertzian

From: 12/06/2014To: 27/07/2014

Walking Attire

Group Show

From: 24/04/2014To: 03/05/2014

Paintings 2012/2013

Minas Semertzian

From: 23/05/2013To: 13/06/2013

Places and Colours

Evita Kanellou

From: 30/04/2013To: 08/05/2013

Silver Jewellery

Petros-Miltiadis Zafiris

From: 17/04/2013To: 26/04/2013


Evita Kanellou

From: 13/12/2012To: 12/01/2013

Silent auction 2012

Evita Kanellou

From: 13/12/2012To: 23/12/2012

Paris-Mykonos-Athens. 50 ans après

Manolis Petalas, Τheodoros Pantos

From: 24/11/2012To: 08/12/2012

Cobalt & Porcelain

Alexopoulou Olga

From: 24/05/2012To: 23/06/2012

From East to West

Gerassimos Spyridakis

From: 29/11/2011To: 03/12/2011


Manolis Petalas

From: 15/10/2011To: 12/11/2011

Greek and Foreign Artists in Mykonos-60s & 70s

Group show

From: 22/08/2011To: 08/09/2011