Past Exhibitions


Lyda Dokoumetzides

From: 30/05/2011To: 18/06/2011

New artists… on crisis

Group Show

From: 15/05/2011To: 26/05/2011

in collaboration with UNESCO

Private View

Pagratis Pagratidis

From: 14/04/2011To: 30/04/2011

Acro Jazz Quartet @ Kourd Gallery

From: 17/03/2011To: 17/03/2011

Paintings 2009-2011

Gianna Xanthopoulou

From: 10/02/2011To: 19/03/2011

Kourd Bazaar & Silent Auction

From: 11/12/2010To: 09/01/2011

Paintings 2010

Aris Liakos

From: 01/11/2010To: 05/12/2010

Fugitive Tendencies

Group Show

From: 27/09/2010To: 23/09/2010

Kourd Residency

Group Show

From: 02/08/2010To: 16/08/2010

Summer of Arts

Group Show

From: 17/07/2010To: 20/08/2010

Contemporary Artists

Group Show

From: 03/07/2010To: 19/09/2010

Paintings 2010

Evita Kanellou

From: 11/03/2010To: 24/04/2010