Past Exhibitions

Christmas Bazaar 2009

From: 05/12/2009To: 10/01/2010

See what painters do with their models


From: 07/08/2009To:

Sappho’s Chariot

Group Show

From: 01/08/2009To: 20/08/2009

Summer Sense

Group Show

From: 11/07/2009To: 27/09/2009

Retrospective Exhibition

Manolis Petalas

From: 11/05/2009To: 06/06/2009

Tina Mascha & Sacred Art

Tina Mascha

From: 30/03/2009To: 02/05/2009

Paintings 1998-2008

Michael Parlamas

From: 27/11/2008To: 20/12/2008

Greek Painters of the 19th & 20th century

Group Show

From: 03/11/1993To: 30/11/1993

Emannuel, Retrospective

From: 01/03/1991To:

Picasso-Ernst-Chirico etc.

From: 01/05/1989To: 30/06/1989

1821 and the art of its period

Τhematical Show

From: 19/03/1988To: 19/04/1988


From: 01/02/1988To: 31/03/1988