Costume of Vassos Mavrovouniotis, 19th c.

Vangelis Kyris & Anatoli Georgiev (Greek & Bulgarian)

Hand finished gold embroidery using gold metal thread, stitching, cord and metal sequins, on printed cotton canvas.

126 x 104 cm.


    Vangelis Kyris & Anatoli Georgiev bring something new and innovative to the world of photography, through their mixed media portraits that combine photography and embroidery. The two artists collaborated with the National Historical Museum of Greece, which entrusted them with the authentic, traditional Greek garments of its collection. Kyris captured through his lens  modern day people of all ages dressed in these historical garments. The portraits are then printed on 100% cotton canvas, where Georgiev, uses golden silver metal and silk and cotton thread to complete with his needle this unique creative process. Through their artworks, the artists celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821.