Landscape 2010

Chronis Botsoglou (Greek 1941)
oil on canvas
60 x 40 cm.


    The work of Chronis Botsoglou is particularly well known for its anthropocentric nature. The quest for the human form in all its states, often with an autobiographical disposition, has perfused his artistic creations ever since he was still a student at the ASFA, by Moralis’ side. This landscape is an exception to this trajectory: it belongs most probably to a series of landscapes that he painted during 2008-2016 in Petri (Lesbos), at the house-atelier where he spent his summers. Painting a landscape is a challenge for a painter who, for fifty whole years, has almost exclusively dealt with the human form: a challenge not only in terms of the shift in its theme, but also in that of the use of different techniques.