Theophilos (Greek, 1868-1934)
100 x 180 cm.


    The work of folk painter Theophilos (Hatzimihail) was both versatile and overabundant. His was inspired by the folk and religious tradition, the Greek Revolution of 1821, as well as scenes of daily routine, like hunting. He painted mainly in Volos, in the villages of the mountain of Pelion, and in Lesvos where he spent most of his life. His works can be found scattered in churches, houses, village cafes and all kinds of shops, while a great number of them has been destroyed. Theophilos, just like Kontoglou, has been an emblematic personality for the painters of the so-called Generation of the 30s, being the obvious road toward the quest of tradition. However, his work was essentially promoted after his death, mainly thanks to art critic E.Teriade, who was also responsible for the founding of the Theophilos Museum in Mytilene.