Lotus, 2019

David Benforado (Greek, 1977-)
oil on canvas
200 x 200 cm.


    The theorist of theatre studies and art critic Eleni Varopoulou comments thus on Benforado’s work:

    …In the works of Benforado, non-figurative, abstract expressionism invites the viewers to take a more active role; it requires them to get mentally involved in the creative process and its riddles. Thanks to the colour events they include, the paintings hold the gaze, and invite it to discover what lies hidden in abstract ex-pression. How it is that ultimately one form penetrates or interferes with another. How the most superficial plane converses with a deeper one. Moving the gaze across the canvas leads to a strong, disarming expe-rience of the senses, and becomes a charming intellectual exercise. The chromatic universe created by the artist comes across as an invented image, where the mystical element merges with the rational and where the spontaneous painting gesture, caught between sound and silence, neither instantaneous nor absolute, is in dialogue with a conscious morphoplastic process. The relationship between the monochrome and the colourful, the idea of liquidity and suspension, the trace of the free gesture in conflict with the phantasm of discipline are some of the issues identified in the restless stream of chromaticity that flows in Benforado’s paintings…