Saint Morillon, France 1905.

Pierre Gaston Rigaud (French, 1874-1939)
oil on canvas
45 x 60 cm.
exhibited at A. Robinot Emballeur de Beaux-Arts, 50 Rue Vaneau Paris, Exposition de Calais 19;7


    Rigaud was born in Bordeaux in 1874. He studied in the School of Fine Arts of his hometown and then in Paris, where he showcased his works in the greatest exhibitions of the time, including le Salon des Indépendants. His main influence is drawn from impressionism and the post-impressionist movements, including many landscapes, but mainly interiors of churches and cathedrals. Despite the high quality of his painting, his work was rather unknown until recently: he never aspired to promote his work, neither did he systematically engage in selling, considering that such a procedure would restrict his evolution as a painter. His main aim was to transfer his knowledge to younger artists. Today, his works are part of important French museums – such as the Carnavalet and Le Musée du Luxembourg in Paris – and private collections. They are considered rather rare.