The legend of Agia Lavra

Eugenios Spatharis (Greek, 1924-2009)
acrylic on cardboard
50 x 70 cm.


    One of the last paintings of Eugenios Spatharis, which embodies the special features of folk painting, such as flatness, vivid colours, acute distortions and -often- intentional, design imperfections.

    The Legend of the Agia Lavra is part of one wider set of works inspired by the Greek Revolution and created at that time. It refers to the well-known legend, according to which Bishop Paleon Patron Germanοs swore the revolutionists in the Monastery of Agia Lavra in Kalavrita. Not confirmed by any sources, and without mentioning even in the memoirs of the Bishop himself, it was nevertheless a timeless legend and inspiration for the Greek Revolution. There has been speculation that those rumours were based on the completely imaginary tales of the French historian François Pouqueville (1770-1838) in his work on the Greek Revolution (Histoire de la régénération de la Grèce, Paris 1824).