11 – 22 AUGUST 2019

The exhibition with the title Lefkas- Athens- Uppsala that takes place in the Lefkas Cultural Center, will present paintings of the artist’s most recentpediod. The paintings that are exhibited are landscapesfrom Lefkada, Athens and Uppsala (Sweden). Places where the artist has lived, lives,  wanders and explores, places where his beloved ones live. Nowadays it is important to be able to express our love and this is something clearly identified in the overall work of Pantelis Stamatelos.

Kostas Argyris states that

« Pantelis Stamatelos’ paintings show an intimate andfamiliar image of the world, like the one we have created for ourselves over time. The simple and effortless formulation of light, either in the landscapes or in the still lifes, which are his favorite subjects, proves that some long-standing, persistent, silent and lonely battle has been won. We see the results of this battle, the spark which is created by the conflict between man and reality.»


From my window XII

oil on hardboard, 31 x 40 cm.

Afternoon on the coast

oil on wood, 29 x 38 cm.


Exhibition Hall Theodoros Stamos (Markas)
Lefkas Cultural Center
Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece