Salon @ Kourd


01 MARCH – 18 MAY 2018

Constantinos Papachristou, the art historian and curator of the exhibition states that:

“The exhibition’s title reminds us the French Salons of the 18th and 19th centuries which indicate the ‘buoyant’ way to install an exhibition in those ages. At Kourd Gallery, the idea of Salon brings back the old hanging style of an exhibition, which discards the museological rules of art installations. The visitors have the chance to participate in this unique exhibition in order to feel that they enter in the warmness of an artistic household. Finally, they get to enjoy the exhibited pieces of art in an unusual way.

Inside the gallery space the wooden structure dominates as an independent environment that communicates with the other space through the regular openings which visually combine the classic with the modern artworks. The dialogue between heterogeneous eras, movements and artists clearly points out the quality and beauty of installed art pieces. Moreover, the structure emphasizes the continuous procedure which stays pleasurable for the artist as well as for the viewer, throughout time.

Through the apparent isolation as well as the companionship of the different sections, the dialogue between the artworks thrives, inviting the viewer to participate. It also stimulates the critical thinking making him partner in this procedure.”


Artworks of the following artists will be exhibited:

Zetta Antsakli, David Benforado, Laurent Casimir, Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, Theofilos Hadjimichael, Eygnwmwn Dialetis, Tasos Dimos, Maria Filippakopoulou, Dimitrios Galanis, Georgios Gounaropoulos, Julia Beatrice How, Irine Kana, Evita Kanellou, Ardad Kemenczky, Alexandros Korogiannakis, Gregorio Lazzarini school, Edward Lear, Edwin Longsden Long, Michael Makroulakis, Konstantinos Maleas, Giorgos Mavroidis, Ioannis Moralis, Michail Parlamas, Gianna Persaki, Alkis Pierrakos, Simeοn Savvides, Minas Semertzian, Theodore Ralli-Skaramagka, Jannis Spyropoulos, Nikos Stefanou, Makis Theofylaktopoulos, Thanos Tsingkos, Katerina Vafias, Konstantinos Volanakis, Barbara Webb and Gisson White.


photo credits: Petros Sofikitis


Kourd Gallery
2-4 Kassianis str., Athens, Greece