Starting Point


11 JUNE – 11 JULY 2019

Constantinos Papachristou, curator of the exhibition, states that:

“Every one of the paintings that Tasos Dimos is exhibiting at Kourd Gallery, constitutes a snapshot of one or more competitive swimmers the moment right before they jump into the pool. At first glance, one could say that the artist aims at pleasantly surprising his audience: The romantic sensation, the tendency to dissolve the form, and a latent mystical disposition are elements that are gradually being abandoned, at least in the form we have so far come to know in his painting style. What is also distinct is a new perception of the structure and the composition, which, along with the intentional lack of pyrotechnics and photographic realism, create an artistic surface which charms with its simplicity.[…]

The human form plays a central part in Tasos Dimos’s work, both in his earlier pieces and in those presented at Kourd Gallery. By the same token, nonetheless, Tasos Dimos remains a faithful scholar, trying each time to express it in different, more innovative ways. In his last series of paintings, he makes the conscious decision to return to the basics of painting by freeingthe canvass from all extraneous references, the bright natural light, and the dream-like/metaphysical tendencies that often described his earlier work. He succeeds, in this way, in coming up with a simpler and clearer painting style, in which his personal method becomes stronger and more transparent.


oil & acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm.

oil & acrylic on canvas, 120 x 200 cm.


Kourd Gallery
2-4 Kassianis str., Athens, Greece