• Blackbird at the guardhouse of Herodus Atticus Street2019100 x 120 cmoil on canvas
  • Gross at the studio window201880 x 100 cmoil on canvas
  • The duck in the lake of the National Garden201980 x 100 cmoil on canvas
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From : 17/10/2019 To : 23/11/2019

Constantinos Papachristou, curator of the exhibition LONG DAYS, states that :

"[...] Even a casual glance at the works in this exhibition will suffice to convince the viewer of Mrs Filippakopoulou’s ability to tell a story. She does so in a very economic manner, her stories being concise and not at all tiresome. She manages to avoid giving only one instant of the story, as she does not freeze time. Nor does she merely bind her story within a beginning and an end. Rather, she lays the basics of the plot and allows the viewer to complete it. She weaves in all eleven stories of urban everyday life, which can be taken one at a time but also as a whole.

The transition from the depiction of particular moments to telling a story is a major accomplishment for Mrs Filippakopoulou. The point of departure for her is the haiku form, which employs a mere seventeen syllables to depict an image from nature. [...]"

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