Kourd Gallery’s History

The history of Kourd gallery is rooted in Constantinople and Smyrna of the 19th century. Since then, the Kourdoglanian family has been engaged in the trade of antiquities and works of art. In 1922, the gallery moved to Athens to commence its commercial activities in the areas of Monastiraki and Kolonaki.

The founder of the gallery throughout the 20th century and the person who creates and inspires new steps into trade and art in Athens is John Kourd. One of his main goals has been to bring back to Greece many Greek works of art belonging to well-known Greek painters. To name but a few: “Historia”, “Philosopher”, “Barbarian Family”, “Muse”, “Sleeping Baby,” by Nikolaos Gyzis. “First Steps”, “The terror inflicted to the grand-son”, “Bad Grand-son”, “Woman from Megara”, “Kreousa” by George Jacobides. “Walking in the Harbor”, “Fishing in the Deep” and “The Bouillabaisse” by Konstantinos Volanakis. As well as other paintings of various artists such as: Theodore Ralli, Nikiphoros and Nicolaos Lytras, Symeon Sabbides, Konstantinos Maleas, Spyros Papaloukas, Michalis Economou, Oumbertos Argyros and many others.

During the 60 years of our existence we have worked hard and tenaciously and made superhuman efforts to succeed and bring back many important paintings of inestimable value to the Greek art world. Thus many paintings from our collection are now exhibited either in museums or in Greek and European private collections.


In parallel, Kourd Gallery has an exceptional collection of antiques. The Antique Shop “Fetzian & Kourd” was established 70 years ago by the father and the grandfather of the above-mentioned owners. Egia Gazarosian reached Greece as a refugee from Asia Minor. “My father was the hurt and soul of our business. From a very young of age in Smyrna, he would spend his pocket money, buying works of Art. He came to Athens, in 1922 and at the age of 18 he opened his antique shop in 1930 on Pandrosou Street in Monastiraki”, reminisces Lucy Fetzian, who along with her sister Rosita Kourd, took upon themselves the continuation of their father’s work.

The contents of the collection are rich and stem from various pieces from different civilizations. There are Neohellinistic jewelry, folk pieces such as gunpowder boxes and sacred medallions, Ancient Greek and Roman artifacts, bronze Byzantine crosses and plates, icons from the 17th and 18th century, topographical paintings, Russian silver, French and Venetian glass items, Turkish Beykoz glass, fine mirrors and European antique furniture, as well as a significant collection of old coins.

Today the head of the Kourd Gallery is Haik Kourdoglanian, who has worked closely with his father and inherited from him his love and knowledge of art.

Gallery’s aim is to exhibit collections of older and contemporary Greek and European Art, as well as to promote and enhance the work of every talented contemporary artist.