MIA Fair 2017


Katherine Vafias
09 MARCH – 13 MARCH 2017

Booth Nr. 17 – b

Kourd Gallery is delighted to represent Katherine Vafias at 2017 Milan Image Art (MIA) Fair

Thursday 9th March Opening (by invitation only)
Friday 10th March 12am – 9pm
Saturday 11th March 11am – 8pm
Sunday 12th March 11am – 8pm
Monday 13th March 11am – 8pm

Exhibition text | Constantine Papachristou | Art Historian | Benaki Museum
The latest artwork presented by Katherine Vafias endorses her relationship with photography; a relationship that was built upon her previous work and is expressed differently. What differentiates the specific artwork is the fact that photography is used as a means upon which new work is created, in its own being. This is a long process commencing from the capturing of the original picture, going through the catalyst of digital processing leading to a final form, the one audience sees.
It is hard for someone to recognize elements of reality from the initial stage in the final outcome. Nevertheless, what interests Katherine is the process that leads to a new artistic reality rather than the directness or the accurate photographic depiction. The digital interventions are neither done randomly nor based on an incidental logic. On the contrary, they go through a substantial mental process that brings back past memories of the artist which in turn initiate similar processes to the spectator. This type of ritual is served by using the kaleidoscopic technique that reflects sensitive childhood memories, visible however only through the logic of digital coldness.
The artwork by Katherine Vafias relies on the values of symmetry and geometric order. As soon as someone observes with greater attention the depth of the artwork, he/she will discover a whole new world made of depictions and symbols based on harmony and feeling, often bringing to childhood memories. The interventions are carefully planned, not only aesthetically but also symbolically and contribute to the formation of a unique atmosphere. The designs and symbols integrate to the whole picture and create their own codes that require unlocking by the observer. The complete piece, although impressive at first sight, urges the spectator to not just skim through the artwork, yet progressively see deeper while approaching as much as possible the sensitive personal universe of its creation.


Cervix, 2016

fine art print, wooden framed, 90 x 120 cm.

Electric, 2016

fine art print, wooden framed, 130 x 100 cm.

Insight I, 2017

fine art print, plexiglass, 100 x 100 cm.

Lull I, 2016

fine art print, wooden framed, 138 x 100 cm.


The Mall – Porta Nuova Piazza Lina Bo Bardi 1 Milan, Italy