Pigments today

Pigments Today

Thursday 10th November 2022 at 19.30 hours

Kourd Gallery cordially invites you to the talk with the title “Pigments Today”, which will take place on Thursday, November the 10th, at 19:30 hours. We have invited two painters, a color man and an art conservator.

Alecos Levidis is a painter and an academic.

David Benforado, is a painter and is currently exhibiting his work at the Kourd Gallery.

David Kremer, is the color man of the renown company Kremer Pigmente”.

Minas Chatzichristou provides fine art restoration services in Greece and abroad, as also art consulting with auction houses abroad.

Eleni Varopoulou, curator of the diptych exhibition “Cataclysms I & II” of David Benforado, is the coordinator of the discussion.

The focus of the talk will be on the use of pigments by visual artists today and the painterly pursuits of the two attending artists. D.Kremer’s and M.Chatzichristou’s profound knowledge and vast experience on pigments will enrich the discussion and provide the audience with a more in depth understanding of the great adventure of color transculturally and throughout the centuries .

*“Kremer Pigmente” is a company which contributes over 150 pigments in the art world, most of which are produced using traditional methods.


Alecos Levidis, painter and academic

Photo by www.levidis.gr


David Benforado, painter

Photo by Manolis Tsafos

David Kremer, color man at Kremer Pigmente

Photo courtesy of David Kremer


Minas Chatzichristou, Art consultant and fine art restorer

Photo courtesy of Minas Chatzichristou


Interior photo

David Benforado
Cataclysms II

Photo courtesy of Boris Kirpotin

Kourd Gallery, Athens.
4 Kassianis & Fanarioton str.

Art Talk: Thursday 10th November 2022, hours: 19.30 – 23.30